California Consumer Choice: GMO Labeling (SB 138/SB 1040)

California consumers are increasingly demanding information about their foods; from where and how the product is grown to what ingredients it contains and even if it’s fresh, farmed or frozen.  Consumers are becoming more educated about the growing obesity epidemic and exercising their consumer choice by requesting and purchasing healthy food options.  More than ever, consumers want to know for health, economic, environmental, religious and ethical reasons if they food they purchase was produced with genetic engineering (GE). 

Do you think you have the right to know what’s in the food you eat or feed your family?   Today, millions of Californians believe they should be able to make informed purchases.  However, there is currently no federal or California requirement that genetically modified organisms (GMO) or GE foods be labeled. In contrast, 64 countries, including three of California’s leading trading partners, Japan, China, and the European Union member states, as well as Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Australia, Russia, and Malaysia, already have laws mandating that foods produced through genetic engineering be labeled.

Senate Bill 1381/1040 does not ban or restrict the use of GMOs.  It would require all food products sold for human consumption that contain GMOs/GEs to simply be labeled as such.  Similar to consumers wanting to know the trans-fat, salt, sugar, nut content, gluten content, etc. of the foods they purchase, GMO labeling would allow consumers to make informed decisions about the products they purchase and consume.

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