2005 Evans Legislation Summaries

Outcome Summary

8 bills to the Governor: 7 signed and 1 vetoed. 2 resolutions chaptered.

Legislation Sent to Governor

AB 1297 - Indoor Air Quality
Would require a school district to ensure that facilities that have heating and ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are inspected and repaired by contractors or employees that have been certified by one of three nationally recognized organizations to maintain HVAC systems. Bill vetoed.

AB 1318 - Local Government
Allows for three changes in several local government offices:

  • Adds Sonoma County to the counties authorized to appoint, rather than elect, the Public Administrator.
  • Allows Sonoma County and Tulare County to consolidate the offices of Auditor-Controller and Treasurer-Tax Collector.
  • Allows the county surveyor for Solano County to be appointed by the Director of Transportation rather than the Board of Supervisors.

Bill signed.

AB 1322 - Judge Disqualification
Clarifies reasons for disqualification of a judge who has a current arrangement concerning prospective employment by defining that a "discussion" with regard to employment means that the judge actively participated in making an inquiry. Bill signed.

AB 1435 - Courthouse Transfers
Clarifies the intent of existing law regarding the transfer of courthouses to the state, eliminating a financial windfall caused by a narrow interpretation in audits of local Courthouse Construction Funds (CCF). Specifically, it stipulates that, consistent with existing law, permissible uses of CCF would include the acquisition, rehabilitation, construction and financing of court facilities. Bill signed.

AB 1492 - Community Colleges
Construction of several billion dollars for expansion of CCC is currently underway. This bill allows lease-revenue financing for sustainable energy projects and permits the best available credit rates on the bonds used to refurbish current energy plants and expand energy facilities to meet enrollment growth. Bill signed.

AB 1511 - Local Government: Design Build
Extends the sunset date for California's design-build construction and expands the statute by authorizing Del Norte, Humboldt, Los Angeles, Mendocino, Napa, and Yolo counties to use the design-build process. Bill signed.

AB 1595 - Online Privacy: Public Officials
Helps officials keep their home address and phone numbers private through establishing that a person or business may not “publicly post” or “publicly display” the home addresses and phone numbers of defined public officials once a written confidentiality request has been submitted. Also provides for damages for violations. Bill signed.

AB 1633 - Foster Youth: SSI Screening
Creates a policy to extend foster care placement beyond age 18 when a foster child is pursuing a high school equivalency certificates. Requires the Department of Social Services to convene a workgroup to establish best practice guidelines for county welfare departments to follow in assisting foster children to receive federal benefits under the Social Security Act. Bill signed.

Resolutions Chaptered

ACR 15
Proclaims the second week of November to be In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Home Care Worker Recognition Week.

Urges the Congress and the President to enact legislation to rescind the 1946 Rescission Act and provide Filipino World War II veterans full U.S. Veterans Affairs benefits.

Legislation Held in Committees

AB 1277 - Local Transportation Funding
Would require the state to continue its monthly payments to cities and counties for local road construction and repair when passage of the state budget is late. If the budget is not passed before the end of July, local governments do not receive gas tax subvention funds in August. While the state ultimately makes this payment, the delay creates a short-term financial crunch for local governments. Status: Held in the Assembly Transportation Committee.

AB 1287 - Health Club Access
Would provide allow exercise areas in California’s health clubs to be gender-specific. It would explicitly prohibit gender specific conditions in the dining areas, bars, seating areas, retail sales areas, and sports courts. Status: Held in the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

AB 1292 - Indoor Air Quality in Schools
Would require school districts to develop guidelines for improving indoor air quality in schools and distribute them to teachers, authorize school district to use district facilities maintenance funds to prevent poor indoor air quality conditions in school facilities, and require that those who install, operate or maintain systems are appropriately certified in testing, adjusting, and balancing of HVAC systems. Status: Held on the Assembly Appropriations Suspense File.

AB 1298 - Social Services Streamlining
Would establish a workgroup to streamline the application and eligibility processes for a host of means-tested health and social services, and permits self-certification of assets when applying for Medi-Cal, CalWORKs, and food stamps. Status: Held on the Senate Appropriations Suspense File.

AB 1367 - Regional Housing Needs
Would prohibit a state, local, or regional agency, or any other governmental entity from enacting regulations applicable to a city or county’s fair share of the regional housing need that are contrary to the land use determinations made in compliance with locally adopted land use initiatives. Status: Held in the Assembly Local Government Committee.

AB 1450 - Affordable Housing
Would give local governments the option of requiring affordability covenants on moderate income, owner-occupied housing units. Would also prohibit moderate income housing from being sold below 95% of fair market value, thereby prohibiting “insider” transfers of moderate units at less than fair market value. Status: Held in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee.

AB 1657 - Child Victim Services
Provides a funding stream to support local child victim forensic interviews conducted by Multidisciplinary Interview Centers (MDIC's) by redistributing proceeds of the State Penalty Fund the Child Advocacy Center Fund created under the bill. MDIC's serve sexually and physically abused children by providing them with a child-friendly place to be interviewed one time by a single interviewer who is trained to conduct exacting and challenging forensic interviews and to receive medical examinations. Status: Held on the Assembly Appropriations Suspense File.

ABX1 6 - Pension Reform
Would eliminate or reduce pension spiking and disability retirement abuse by establishing a limit on the amount of salary used to calculate retirement benefits and employee contributions, narrowing the definition that determines final compensation for all independent and ’37 Act public pension plans, and preventing public safety employees from receiving disability retirement from one agency while performing the same or similar work with another agency. This bill was part of a three bill package of public pension reform measures introduced by the Assembly Democrats. Status: Held in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.