2007 Evans Legislation Summaries

Outcome Summary

11 bills sent to the Governor: 7 signed and 4 vetoed. 3 resolutions chaptered.

Legislation Sent to Governor

AB 323 - Wine and Non-Profits
Enables vintners operating under the license combination 17/20 (wholesalers/off-site retailers) to donate and pour their wines at non-profit events. Bill Signed.

AB 765 - Horse Racing
Enacts numerous reforms in California’s horse racing industry that will help keep jobs in our community. It will finance facility improvements to the fairs at Santa Rosa and Vallejo and reauthorize horse racing fans’ ability to wager on races across the country. Bill Signed.

AB 958 - Local Government
Would enable Napa County to appoint, rather than elect, a registrar of voters and solidify an agreement for debt repayment between Sonoma County and the state regarding Spud Point Marina. Bill Vetoed.

AB 1063 - Sonoma County Open Space
Enables the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to issue bonds to protect agricultural land and open space and, in so doing, exercise the full authority granted by Measure F in 2006. Bill Signed.

AB 1192 - REACH
Would establish a registry of abusive caregivers to prevent them from moving around the state, from job to job, to continue abusing the developmentally disabled. Bill Vetoed.

AB 1248 - Court Administration/Civil Procedure
Implements various changes in court administration and civil procedure. For instance, it permits plaintiffs who initially fail to pay the full required filing fee to fund the difference via personal check. It also clarifies discovery statutes. Bill Signed.

AB 1331 - Foster Youth: SSI Screening
Requires county child welfare agencies to screen foster youth for disabilities and help them apply for a federal income supplement program. Without it, they face homelessness, chronic health problems, and unemployment. Bill Signed.

AB 1402 - Care Decisions for Developmentally Disabled
Helps protect the rights of the developmentally disabled and their families by allowing audio recording of the Individual Program Plan process where care decisions are made. It also requires Department of Social Services, regional centers, and vendors who provide this care to post appeal procedure information on their web sites. Bill Signed.

AB 1429 - Health Coverage: HPV Vaccination
Would require that health plans and insurers cover the costs of cervical cancer vaccination if they are currently providing coverage for the treatment or surgery of cervical cancer or annual cervical cancer screening tests. Bill Vetoed.

AB 1542 - Mobile Homes
Would preserve local rent control for mobile homes after conversion of a mobile home park from rental to condominium ownership. Bill Vetoed.

AB 1663 - Special Education
Protects California’s eligibility for $1.13 billion in federal funding for the provision of special education services to disabled students with special needs. Bill Signed.

Resolutions Chaptered

ACR 35 - Law Revision Commission
This is the annual workload authorization for the California Law Revision Commission.

ACR 38 - Vintner's Hall of Fame
This resolution commemorates the establishment of the California Vintner's Hall of Fame and the first round of individuals honored for their work pioneers, founders, and icons in our state's wine industry.

AJR 24 - Federal Media Shield
This resolution calls on the United State Congress to enact a federal shield law for journalists. The lack of a federal shield law undermines California's ability to protect freedom of the press under state law dating back to 1935 because there are no privileges that journalists can claim if subpoenaed to a federal court in order to protect the confidentiality of a news source.

Legislation Held in Committees

AB 82 - Napa Housing
Emphasizing city-centered growth, this bill would have (1) limited the allocation of housing under the Regional Housing Needs Allocation for the County of Napa to one unit to the County for the unincorporated area for every nine units allocated to the cities within the County for the incorporated areas and (2) allowed for the County to transfer all or part of its housing assignment to a city with the county that is willing to accept it and as part of the transfer the county may negotiate with the city a transfer of a limited share of the incremental increase of the annexed territory’s property tax value which would ordinarily accrue to the county. Status: Held in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee.

AB 429 - Lodging Privacy
Would have protected personal privacy and safety by prohibiting the disclosure of hotel guest information except for specific public safety needs. This was in response to a finding that in some cities, under local ordinances, anyone can walk into a hotel and demand to see who is staying in a given room. Status: Held in the Senate Public Safety Committee.

AB 526 - Meet and Confer Rights for Excluded Employees
Would have extended the meet and confer rights currently provided to state excluded employees to state managerial employees and provides mediation as a fifth step in the excluded state employees' grievance procedure. Status: Held on the Assembly Appropriations Suspense File.

AB 582 - Adoption Facilitators
Would have required the Department of Social Services to establish and adopt regulations for a statewide enforcement process for adoption facilitators, or businesses that assist adoptive parents match with a birth mother who has decided to place her child for adoption. Establishing enforcement regulations and procedures would provide the oversight needed to protect prospective parents from adoption facilitators operating illegally. Status: Held in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

AB 892 - California Wine
Would have transferred the enforcement of the California Appellation to the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). Under current law, all American Viticultural Area (AVA) rules and standards are enforced by ABC. The California Appellation, or wines from California grapes, is the exception and fall under the auspices and enforcement of the state Department of Health Services. Effectively, the bill would have enabled ABC to suspend or revoke the license of any person who produces wine under the California label if the wine is not made from 100 percent fermented juice derived from grapes grown in California. Status: Held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

AB 1128 - Lanterman Act
Would have created a Lanterman Act working group to examine issues relating to updating the law, including identifying gaps in programs, services, and funding related to serving developmentally disabled consumers and their families, as well as making recommendations for changes. Status: Held in the Assembly Human Services Committee.

AB 1330 - Psychotropic Drugs
Would have required the Department of Social Services track use of psychotropic drugs in the foster care system. Existing law lacks adequate data collection regarding the use of psychotropic drugs within the foster care system and there have been several anecdotal stories about the over-medication of foster youth as a behavioral control mechanism rather than a treatment. Status: Held on the Assembly Appropriations Committee Suspense File.

AB 1332 - Adoptions
Would have made various changes to adoption procedures and the Adoption Assistance Program, including allows a birth father to sign a form waiving his parental rights before a representative of a licensed California private or public adoption agency, requiring the state registrar to establish procedures for issuing expedited amended birth certificates within 30 days following an adoption, and extending the amount of time that families can receive an Adoption Assistance Program grant. Status: Held on the Assembly Appropriations Committee Suspense File.