2010 Evans Legislation Summaries

AB 1229 - Juvenile Court Costs-Technical Fix
Clarifies - AB 131 (Evans) from 2009 - which authorizes the court to establish a cost-recovery program for court-appointed counsel who represent parents or their children in dependency cases. Chapter 569, Statutes of 2010

AB 1640 - Breast and Cervical Screening-Every Woman Counts Program-EWC
Restores breast cancer screening access to over 100,000 low-income women who are no longer eligible to receive mammograms provided through EWC as a result of program changes implemented by the Schwarzenegger Administration. Vetoed

AB 1655 - Foster Youth: Psychotropic Medications
Establishes a 3-year pilot project in three counties where strict safeguards must be met before a juvenile judicial officer may authorize the administration of psychotropic medications for foster youth. Any side effects from medications must be carefully monitored and medication must be accompanied by therapy, as appropriate. This legislation is sponsored by the Children's Law Center of Los Angeles. Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 1798 - Alcohol Beverage Appeals Board
Establishes a “conjunctive labeling” law to help the wine industry in Sonoma County market its wines. Chapter 242, Statutes of 2010

AB 1874 - Vallejo Unified School District: Sale of Surplus Property
Extends the deadline - from June 30, 2010 to June 30, 2015 - for the school district to sell surplus property to pay down the emergency loan provided by the state in 2004. Revenues from these sales allow the school district to pay its debt while keeping more of its resources in the classroom. Chapter 147, Statutes of 2010.

AB 1883 - Domestic Violence: Vital Records Fees
Authorizes counties to increase fees by up to four dollars on certified copies of certain vital records to fund domestic violence prevention and intervention services to victims and their families. National and state statistics indicate that domestic violence continues to be a prevalent issue in many households and that providing support for services saves lives by helping battered spouses establish a new life separate from their abusers. This legislation is sponsored by the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence. Held in Senate Local Government Committee

AB 1912 - California Apiary Research Commission
Establishes the California Apiary Research Commission to create and manage an industry-funded research program to protect honey bees and to develop more efficient bee colony management practices, as well as market California honey. Chapter 585, Statutes of 2010

AB 1923 - Solar Panel Theft Prevention
Authorizes the use of existing funds within the California Solar Initiative to encourage research and development of antitheft technology among solar energy systems. Vetoed

AB 1926 - Modernization of Court Records Management
Authorizes courts to create, maintain, reproduce, and preserve records in electronic form. Switching to electronic records as the official records will allow the court to operate in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Chapter167, Statutes of 2010.

AB 2031 - State Acquisition of New Vehicles
Prohibits the Department of General Services from approving a vehicle acquisition request, vehicle purchase order or new contracts for vehicle purchases unless the secretary or director of an agency or department requesting the acquisition certifies that the purchase is vital and mission critical for the agency or department. Chapter 247, Statutes of 2010.

AB 2113 - Local Revenue Options
Enables a county board of supervisors to place before local voters a local vehicle license fee or personal income tax. Held in Assembly Local Government Committee

AB 2116 - Judicial Officers: Gifts and Honoraria
Extends the scope of existing judicial gift limits to apply equally to all judicial officers in order to prevent actual and the appearance of improper influence or bias in the courts. Chapter 206, Statutes of 2010.

AB 2156 - Veterans’ Home Allied Council
Permits the Veterans’ Home Allied Council to represent veterans who reside in the Home for which the council was established in matters before the State Legislature. Vetoed

AB 2279 - Preservation of Skyline Park
Authorizes Napa County to purchase Skyline Park from the state by January 1, 2015. The land purchase must be made at full market value, and the county can only use the land as a park or wilderness preserve. Chapter 595, Statutes of 2010

AB 2284 - Expedited Jury Trials
Establishes the expedited jury trial in California as a voluntary alternative, streamlined method of handling civil actions that allows parties to get their day in court, and reduces costs to parties and the courts. Chapter 674, Statutes of 2010

AB 2342 - Foster Youth Resource Guide
Requires the Office of State Foster Care Ombudsperson to develop a resource guide outlining statewide programs and services for emancipating foster youth, and to make this information available on the web site and in print format. Vetoed

AB 2383 - Bonds: Prioritizing Job Creation
Prioritizes job creation and economic impacts in the appropriation of bond funds to invest in our infrastructure. The bill also directs the Department of Finance to survey approved projects twice a year for readiness and cash needs because there are more approved projects than our current capacity to sell bonds can sustain. Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee

AB 2524 - Initiative Language: Public Review
Establishes a 30-day Internet-based public comment period for a proposed statewide initiative, prior to circulation for signatures. This will improve public access in the initiative process which currently allows the language of a measure to be written, submitted, and qualified without any public input. Held in Senate Appropriations Committee

AB 2579 - Master Plan for Infrastructure
Establishes a commission of experts to create a Master Plan for Infrastructure Financing and Development to help California make the $500 billion in estimated infrastructure investment needs through 2050. Referring to demographic trends, the commission will integrate current planning tools for education, transportation, housing, and water infrastructure. It will also outline innovative financial tools to help make these infrastructure needs a reality. This legislation is sponsored by State Treasurer Bill Lockyer. Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee

ACR 173 - Native Plant Week
Recognizes the importance of native plants to California’s history, economy, and environment, and designates the third week of each April California Native Plant Week. California is home to over 6,000 native plant species, subspecies, and varieties, which have played powerful roles in our state’s storied past. Resolution Chapter 156

AJR 16 - Journalism Shield Laws
Urges the U.S. Congress and President of the United States to enact a shield law for American's journalists. Resolution Chapter 50, Statutes of 2010.