2011 Legislation

SB 10 - Veteran’s Home Allied Council
Permits the Veterans’ Home Allied Council to represent in matters before the Legislature the veterans who reside in the Home for which the council was established.

SB 60 - Napa State Hospital
In response to the escalating violence at Napa State Hospital, this bill overhauls the safety procedures and precautions for both patients and workers at California mental health facilities.

SB 155 - Maternity Coverage
Ensures access to comprehensive maternity health coverage in California by requiring health insurance plans marketed to individuals to provide maternity coverage. Recently the availability of this coverage has dropped at an alarming rate. Group insurance plans are already required to carry this coverage; this legislation extends the requirement to individual plans.

SB 163 - State Bar Act
Authorizes the State Bar of California to collect active membership dues of up to $410 for the year 2012, which would continue the current active dues amount of $410.

SB 299 - Maternity Leave Coverage
Ensures women in California do not lose their employer-provided health insurance coverage while on maternity leave. Unlike other California leave laws that ensure health insurance coverage during leave, continued health care coverage is not required by California’s Pregnancy Disability Leave.

SB 369 - Dungeness Crab Task Force
An historic majority of crab fishermen, sportsmen and processors have come together to ask the legislature to stop the “race for crab,” which gluts the market and creates safety hazards, such as lost crab pots, which ensnare and tangle marine life. This bill will put a limit on the number of traps, known as “crab pots,” that can be used in California waters.

SB 470 - Salmon
Since the late 70’s commercial Salmon Fishermen have invested in restoration of salmon habitat through the purchase of Salmon Stamps, a funding mechanism that is supplemented by a state contribution. SB 470 extends the life of this industry-supported program until 2016 in order to bring back healthy runs of salmon.

SB 474 - Subcontractor Duty to Defend
Provides protections for construction parties from bearing liability for the negligence or design defects of other parties engaged in a construction project.

SB 584 - Oil Spills & Wildlife Act
Extends the authority to use money in the Oil Spill Prevention and Administration Fund to fully fund the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, which will help ensure this vital organization continues to be ready to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an oil spill.

SB 588 - Coastal Commission
This bill allows the Commission the option of imposing limited penalties for violations of the Coastal Act to use as a basic enforcement tool and allow the Commission to resolve their backlogged enforcement cases. This will save litigation costs to the state and provide a strong deterrence to prevent future illegal actions that destroy valuable coastal resources.

SB 631 - Insurance Commissioner Restitution Authority
Provides the California State Insurance Commissioner express authority to order restitution to consumers who suffer financial loss because of an insurer’s or other insurance licensee’s violation of insurance law as part of an administrative enforcement action.

SB 668 - Williamson Act Land Trust
Ensures the viability of local agriculture and protect open space by encouraging counties to remain in the Williamson Act program. SB 668 provides a way to replace state contributions for Williamson Act subventions, so that landowners who sign up to 10-year contracts to keep their land in agriculture can continue to pay reduced property taxes.

SB 840 - CO Poisoning Prevention
Protect the lives of Californians residing and working in nursing homes from carbon monoxide poisoning by requiring these facilities to install carbon monoxide monitors.

SB 907 - Infrastructure Master Plan
Creates the Master Plan for Infrastructure and Finance Development, which will provide policymakers with the information needed to use resources in a more prudent, cost effective manner and ensure our infrastructure is able to support California’s people and businesses for decades to come.