2012 Legislation

SB 491 – Clarifies procedural issues when someone objects to the probate of a will.

SB 738 – Extends the due date of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control's (ABC) annual report to the Legislature.

SB 822 – Requires the Governor to include the Treasurer in circulation of its annual infrastructure report.

SB 974 – Would require the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) to annually and formally review state park closures and revise the closure list if closures are unwarranted, unnecessary or illegal. Criteria would include public hearings, legality, economic impacts on local communities, and costs in terms of deferred maintenance. The measure also requires DPR to develop a specific plan to reopen each park closed that takes into account the involvement of the local community and the potential for the reduction of environmental and economic costs.

SB 982 – Would require any corporation that has shareholders who live in California and engages in political activity to issue a report to shareholders on the planned political expenditures of the corporation in the forthcoming fiscal year as well as expenditures in the previous fiscal year and post that report on the corporation’s website.

SB 1078 – Would establish a new unit in the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Innovation Team, which would examine and initiate new revenue generation ideas and would assist the local Innovation Working Groups in developing business plans for individual parks and districts. Also directs the Department to provide technical assistance to non-profits with operating agreements to form or join insurance risk pools to reduce the cost of insurance.

SB 1113 – When police officers, firefighters and other union workers receive much-deserved raises, an unfortunate consequence can be that salaries for non-represented personnel, such as chiefs and essential managers, don’t keep pace and actually fall below the salaries of those they supervise. This results in fewer applicants for critical leadership positions, especially in emergency personnel. This measure would enhance the state’s commitment to equity by requiring new MOUs (a.k.a. employee contracts) to include an analysis how job classification or salary restructuring would affect this "compaction."

SB 1192 – Would give the state’s renowned volunteer-driven Oiled Wildlife Care Network more stable funding by allowing the state’s Oil Spill and Administration Fund (OSPAF) to cover volunteer training and preparedness. This vital organization would continue to be ready to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an oil spill.

SB 1251 – Would convene a statewide Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force of scientists and experts to develop recommendations on how to stop the invasion of quagga mussels, zebra mussels and other foreign organisms that threaten to clog the state’s drinking water sources and destroy Lake Tahoe, Clear Lake and other natural waterways.

SB 1291 – Would allow teachers that have been laid off to receive unemployment benefits when they are obtaining certification training and intense test preparation in much-needed areas of math, science and special education. This measure will reduce the number of unemployed teachers in California.

SB 1345 – Would restore to the Commission on the Status of Women baseline funding that was cut by the Governor. The measure also narrows the Commission’s mission to concentrate on the disparate impacts of the State budget on women.

SB 1429 – Clarifies the law governing those who serve wine for educational purposes.

SB 1511 – A measure to help California’s State Parks stay open to the public.

SB 1574 – Would further integrate provisions relating to the discovery of electronically stored information into the existing framework of the Civil Discovery Act and related statutes pertaining to the production of evidence, in order to increase consistency with the Electronic Discovery Act (Chapter 5, Statutes of 2009 – Evans).

SCR 20 – A resolution authored by Senator Evans on behalf of the California Legislative Women's Caucus that calls on Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act and to ensure the sustainability of vital programs designed to keep women and families safe from violence and abuse.

SCR 61 – A resolution recognizing January 2012 as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, and encourages prompt access to preventive services and medical care in order to overcome barriers to care and treatment for cervical cancer.