McGuire in Marin - Talking to Students, Renewable Energy Leaders and More

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Marin County — Senator Mike McGuire is spending the day in Marin County tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 23, meeting with students, hard-working volunteers, and members of the Board of Supervisors, as well as business and environmental leaders from the area.

"Meeting with people in Marin is a top priority for me,” said McGuire

McGuire will start the day at Tomales High School with students, teachers and school officials to discuss agriculture education and its impacts on our youth.

Following the high school tour, McGuire will meet with local environmental leaders in Fairfax, before attending a meeting with the Golden Gate Salmon Association that will also include North Coast Assemblymember Jim Wood and representatives from other fisherman's associations. 

As the newly appointed Chair of the state's Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture, McGuire is eager to discuss steps that can be taken to ensure the health of our fish, their habitat and our waterways.

McGuire will also meet with Marin County leaders in renewable energy to discuss Marin Clean Energy and ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gases at the local level.

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