Senator McGuire Responds To Governor Brown’s Inaugural Address

Monday, January 5, 2015

Sacramento, CA – Newly elected North Coast Senator Mike McGuire attended Edmond G. Brown, Jr’s Inaugural Address this morning, as he was sworn in as Governor of California for an unprecedented fourth term.  

“I believe the Governor’s address struck just the right tone of fiscal responsibility and the need to invest in our state and its people,” said Senator McGuire. “I am grateful for the Governor’s vision and leadership.”

The Governor highlighted accomplishments over the last four years, including the creation of 1.3 million jobs and billions in bond debt being paid down.  He then addressed his priorities for 2015, including reinvesting in our state’s crumbling infrastructure and helping students in the higher-education funding fight.

“I’m particularly happy about the opportunity to work on a Transportation measure with the Governor along with helping our most vulnerable. A transportation measure would help us with the thousands of miles of deteriorating local roads in Northern California along with severe traffic congestion that many communities face” said Senator McGuire.

There were some concerns: “I disagree with the priority to ship northern California water to the south,” said McGuire. “I cannot support the ‘Delta Tunnel’ project.  This policy would be devastating to Northern California communities and our environment.”

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