Senator McGuire offers praise, expresses some concerns over Governor’s Budget Proposal

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sacramento, CA – Senator Mike McGuire praised much of the Governor’s budget proposal released this morning, especially for the strong action it takes on several of the Senator’s highest priorities.

“For too long, California schools have been near or at the bottom in public education funding in America. We have made great strides over the past year with the largest investment of funds in our public schools in over a decade. Today’s proposal takes those commitments even further and will benefit hundreds of thousands of students across California.”

McGuire also noted the importance of the Governor’s office continuing its commitment to build the state’s rainy day fund with a supplemental deposit of $2 billion – bringing the new total to approximately $8 billion.

Key to today’s budget proposal was $3.5 million dedicated to helping Lake County recover from the devastating impacts of the Valley Fire. Senator McGuire and Assemblymember Dodd spent months securing the budget allocation.

“These funds will be immediately put to work to ensure County and emergency services don’t miss a beat serving local communities. We’re grateful for the partnership with Governor Brown and appreciate his continued dedication to Lake County,” Senator McGuire said.

Senator McGuire did, however, express concern over transportation funding. 

California’s roads, highways and bridges are crumbling. Democrats and Republicans alike need to come together if the federal government can strike a deal on infrastructure, we have to be able to as well. This has to be among our top priorities this year,” Senator McGuire said.

Following up on the historic package of medical marijuana legislation approved last year, including Senator McGuire’s SB 643, the Governor’s budget makes forward progress on the development of a comprehensive regulatory framework for the industry.

“Thanks to the historic Medical Marijuana regulation enacted last year, we’re now seeing significant progress in the Governor’s budget. His proposal is focused on regulation implementation and significantly enhanced resources for public safety and environmental protection,” Senator McGuire said.

Moving forward, Senator McGuire is part of the bi-partisan team that just introduced a $2 billion initiative focused on tackling homelessness by providing housing, emergency shelter and mental health services to the thousands of North Coast residents who sleep on the streets every night. The details of this plan must include and ensure funding for rural communities on the North Coast.