Senator McGuire’s statement on California budget agreement

Friday, June 10, 2016

Sacramento, CA – Senator Mike McGuire released the following statement regarding the budget agreement. 

“This budget is both forward thinking and fiscally responsible,” Senator McGuire said. “It recognizes that these good financial times will not last forever while at the same time, we are committed to reinvesting in our state’s highest priorities: early childhood education, affordable housing, homeless services, mental health as well as making college more accessible.”

One of the most significant budget investments - that McGuire fought for - was the $2 billion investment in homeless services and housing that will be advanced later this summer. It’s expected these dollars will build out a minimum of 14,000 units across California over the next several years. In addition, McGuire worked with his colleagues to increase homeless services funding for shelters.

Early Childhood Education was also a big winner in the budget. Over the next three years, almost 9,000 preschool slots will be added and the state will be focused on child care rate increases, which has been a significant challenge to attracting and retaining qualified education professionals to the field.

Like the Governor, Senator McGuire was also a strong supporter of strengthening our State’s rainy day funds. 

“Continuing to build up our state’s reserve is crucial. This past recession was devastating, and I believe we have taken the right steps for our state’s financial future by socking away $2 billion in the rainy-day fund in addition to $1.7 we had already budgeted to invest in reserves,” Senator McGuire said.

One area that Senator McGuire is not satisfied with is the lack of funding for our State’s crumbling transportation infrastructure. As one of the legislature’s loudest proponents of striking a deal on transportation infrastructure funding, McGuire is pushing to have a vote on the Senate’s transportation funding plan by the end of the year.

The budget agreement reached Thursday night by the Legislative Conference Committee is expected to be taken up by the Senate early next week, before the June 15 deadline.