Senator McGuire applauds Governor’s cautious budget, shares frustration on lack of focus on fixing California’s crumbling transportation infrastructure

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sacramento, CA – As a member of the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review committee, Senator Mike McGuire released the following statement regarding the Governor’s budget proposal introduced this morning.

“The threat to California’s progress and the undercutting of our values is real and that is why the Legislature is going to do what it takes to continue our progress under a Trump administration. That said, I think there are going to be some challenging days ahead. The Governor is smart to advance a cautious budget with strategic investments in K-12 education, continuing to expand healthcare coverage for our state’s most vulnerable, extending our state’s climate protection programs and bolstering our rainy day fund,” said Senator Mike McGuire.

While Senator McGuire is dedicated to continuing to advocate for the rights of individuals to ensure the progress we’ve achieved in California, such as being number one in America in job growth, investing in strong public schools, combatting poverty and saving for a rainy day, there is also work to be done here at home, including finally passing comprehensive transportation legislation to fix our crumbling streets and highways.

“We have a transportation funding crisis in California – our roads, highways and bridges are in terrible shape because our state has failed to invest in our transportation infrastructure – and tens of millions of California commuters are paying the price. It’s frustrating that the budget didn’t step up to tackle this crisis. This is why we are going to fight for the Senate’s transportation proposal harder than ever,” Senator McGuire said.