Senator Mike McGuire's statement in support of the California Values Act

Monday, April 3, 2017

Sacramento, CA – The California State Senate continues to lead when it comes to protecting our residents from the alarming policies and promises of President Trump’s administration that would be dangerous, unjust and fly in the face of the values we hold closest. Today, the Senate passed the California Values Act, which would curtail the use of local and state resources to fuel deportations.

Senator McGuire released the following statement after today’s vote:

“Diversity is what makes California strong and our communities thrive. President Trump has put California’s values at risk and today’s action ensures all residents who call California home feel safe and secure in our communities,” Senator McGuire said. “We worked closely with Pro Tem de Leon over the past few weeks on changes that were made to the bill to continue to allow ICE’s participation with task forces that are focused on rogue marijuana grows that have severely impacted North Coast communities, along with ensuring violent felons are not protected under this legislation. Our state will continue to fight for the rights of all Californians.”