Senator McGuire Praises Transportation Deal that will bring millions to the North Coast and North Bay each year

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sacramento, CA – Today, the State Senate voted to approve the landmark comprehensive transportation funding package that will advance billions of dollars to improve California’s crumbling roads and transportation infrastructure, specifically, $52 billion over the next decade for California’s crumbling roads, highways and public transit.

“Our communities are home to some of the worst roads in the state, we can’t keep kicking the can down the crumbling road. Tonight’s vote to approve this critical transportation funding package was a long overdue step,” said Senator Mike McGuire. “Advancing a tax increase is never easy, especially for California residents who have to foot the bill, but we have a transportation funding crisis. Our roads, highways and bridges are literally falling apart and tens of millions of California commuters, businesses and travelers have literally been paying the price for the lack of action.”

Senator McGuire has been a champion for passing a comprehensive fix to California’s crumbling transportation infrastructure.

The transportation funding package will provide cities and counties with significant annual revenue streams to make local infrastructure improvements like rebuilding and paving local roads and streets and bridge repair. The bill will bring in over $5 billion in new revenue annually. Strict accountability is included to ensure funds are only spent on transportation – essentially placing funds in a lock box, and by passing a Constitutional amendment to prohibit spending the funds on anything but transportation. Every billion dollars spent on transportation infrastructure, creates 14,000 full-time jobs.

Here are the cumulative funding totals that will be generated annually by SB 1 for each North Bay/North Coast county (local city and county totals are included in the cumulative number in their county):

Marin: $9,732,000 annually

Sonoma: $20,739,000 annually

Mendocino: $5,568,000 annually

Lake: $3,763,000 annually

Humboldt: $7,732,000 annually

Del Norte: $1,475,000 annually

Trinity: $2,300,000 annually