Senator McGuire issues statement opposing Federal attempts to repeal executive order protecting California’s coast from offshore oil drilling

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sacramento, CA – Senator Mike McGuire issued the following statement on the Resolution passed this morning on the Senate Floor opposing any attempt by the Federal Government to open up any offshore oil drilling off the Coast of California.

“The ocean is part of our life and livelihood on the North Coast. The Golden State’s coastal economy is worth $40 billion and 500,000 jobs are dependent  on a healthy coast,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “We’ll fight to our last breath to protect the mighty Pacific. This resolution is smart, it’s the right thing to do and the vast majority of Californians believe President Trump should keep this moratorium in place.”

Senator McGuire is a co-author of SR 35, which declares that “the Senate strongly and unequivocally supports the current federal prohibition on new oil or gas drilling in federal waters offshore California, opposes attempts to modify the prohibition, and will consider any appropriate actions to maintain the prohibition.”

Senator McGuire represents almost 40 percent of the state’s coastline from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border. 150 million visitors from across the world flock to the natural splendor of California’s coast every year. Opening up oil drilling could have devastating impacts to the state’s coastal environment and our coastal community economies.