Senator McGuire introduces Salmon Restoration & Protection Resolution

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sacramento, CA – California’s iconic salmon fishery, and the thousands of families who depend on the fishery for their livelihood, are in crisis. There has been an unprecedented collapse in California’s salmon population, tribal allocations are at an all-time low, and the fishing season closures are having significant negative impacts on thousands of California residents.

SJR 7 urges Congress to approve a formal disaster declaration and funding package to assist thousands of struggling families who depend on a healthy salmon harvest for their livelihood.

“California salmon fishermen are facing an unprecedented crisis and the State of California must stand strong for the hard-working men and women of California’s salmon fleet,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “The California salmon fishery is our state’s oldest and it’s one of the most iconic fisheries in America. Thousands of working families on the North Coast are in crisis and we need to ensure Congress supports California fishermen.”

The drought, poor ocean conditions and federal water management policies caused high mortality and very low survival of juvenile salmon resulting in low adult numbers and devastating closures for the 2017 salmon season. Landings by the commercial fleet dropped from 502,110 salmon in 2004 to 55,051 in 2016, an 89% decrease. Unfortunately, the 2017 season is predicted to be worse than last year.

“We’re grateful to Congressman Huffman for his leadership on this important issue. He’s pushing hard, and we want to throw the full weight of the California Legislature behind the recovery and funding efforts,” Senator McGuire said.

SJR 7 – the Salmon Restoration & Protection Resolution – was approved in the Senate Thursday morning on a 34-0 vote. A copy of the resolution can be found here.