Senator McGuire’s Bill Creating Tribal Committee on Fish & Game Commission signed by Governor Brown

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sacramento, CA – Today, Senator Mike McGuire’s bill that formally creates a standing Tribal Committee of the California Fish & Game Commission was signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

“The day has finally come, ensuring tribal members – from every corner of this great state – have an equal voice with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. For years, hunters and fishermen have had a standing committee and helped shape important policy with the Fish and Game Commission. Through this new law, California Tribal Members will now have a head seat at the table and we are grateful for Governor Brown’s support,” Senator Mike McGuire said.

For many years, California hunters and fishermen have had standing committees at the Fish and Game Commission and a formal way to shape policy with the Department. Native Americans have never had that formal opportunity.

California is home to more Native American tribes than any other state in West.  Our state’s rich natural resources are not just essential to the livelihood of many Tribes, but sacred to their members. SB 161 will place a tribal committee in statute that will report to the Fish & Game Commission and make recommendations on all tribal matters considered. The bill received bi-partisan support and it was also supported by the Members of the Commission along with many tribal nations and wildlife organizations.