Senator McGuire’s statement on Today’s Surface Transportation Board Ruling

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

North Coast, CA – Senator McGuire issued the following statement regarding today’s ruling by the Surface Transportation Board regarding rail lines on the North Coast:

“Today’s decision wasn’t unexpected. We have been pushing to have all sides show their cards for months and this initial ruling now forces the Toxic Coal Train and Mendocino Railroad to come out of the shadows and defend their dangerous proposals.

Let’s be clear. There is simply no chance that any freight operation is possible or feasible along this corridor. The failed North Coast Railroad Authority tried desperately to attract freight rail shippers for the last 30 years and now they are out of business. They failed miserably. And to add insult to injury, rehabilitating the rail line up to modern standards will cost multiple billions at this point and these companies will most likely be asking taxpayers to foot the bill. It ain’t gonna happen.

Our legislation, SB307, is advancing with broad bipartisan support to block any and all state funding that would be invested into the advancement of a Toxic Coal Train here on the North Coast.

Let’s be clear, ultimately the Toxic Coal Train and the Mendocino Railroad will be stopped in their tracks. We’re excited to launch the Great Redwood Trail Master Plan in the coming few months and start formally engaging the community about this once-in-a-lifetime project.

We are grateful for the efforts of Congressmen Huffman and Thompson and so many others for ensuring that this disastrous coal train proposal does not happen.”