McGuire Locks in $1.5 Million to fund the SMART Connect Shuttle at Sonoma County Airport

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Santa Rosa—Two weeks after the official launch of the SMART Connect Shuttle - directly connecting commuters to the Sonoma County Airport from the SMART Train line via the Airport SMART Station - Senate Majority Leader Mike McGuire has secured $1.5 million in this year’s state budget to fund the Shuttle for the next three years.

The all-electric, wheelchair-accessible shuttle is all about convenience. Commuters can now jump on the SMART Train, book an on-demand ride on the Shuttle and head to the Sonoma County Airport and be in the terminal in minutes.

“The SMART Train has major momentum. They’ve recovered more quickly than any other public commuter train in the Golden State, coming back strong from the pandemic. 90% of their ridership is back and loving the SMART experience. The State has also fully funded SMART’s extension to Windsor which will kick off very soon and we couldn’t be more excited to move SMART north,” Senator McGuire said. “With the launch of the SMART Connect shuttle, folks can take the SMART Train to the Airport Station and immediately be connected to the gorgeous new Airport terminal. No parking. No stress. It’s all about easy.”

Before SMART Connect, the nearest SMART station was a 1.2 mile walk from the Airport, leaving travelers with a gap for the first and last mile to the airport terminal. Passengers can now book a trip on the SMART Connect on-demand shuttle with the tap of button using a mobile app. 

The region around the Airport is also home to one of the North Bay’s largest business and corporate centers. The SMART Connect Shuttle will reduce car trips and support thousands of local employees by helping people get to and from the busy business corridor.

“The SMART Board is thrilled to have launched the SMART Connect shuttle. With the help of Senator McGuire, the shuttle service is fully funded ensuring a quick and convenient ride to the beautifully expanded Sonoma County Airport. We couldn’t be more grateful,” said SMART Board Chairperson Eric Lucan. “Look for more big announcements coming soon from SMART as we continue to move the Train north and build out critical segments of the Great Redwood Trail along the rail line.”