McGuire’s Signature Aggravated Arson Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

Monday, September 18, 2023

Sacramento, CA – The alarm couldn’t be louder. California is facing unprecedented, destructive wildfires – 14 of the largest 20 wildfires in California history occurred just in the last decade. Unbelievably, some incredibly destructive wildfires have been set by arsonists including the Clayton Fire in Lake County, which destroyed 188 homes, and the Esperanza Fire, which claimed the lives of five firefighters in Southern California.  

Senate President Designee Mike McGuire’s critically impactful legislation, SB 281, will throw the book at individuals who are convicted of aggravated arson.

This is an issue that McGuire has championed for years.

The bill passed both the Senate and the Assembly and it’s now headed to the Governor’s desk.

“An aggravated arson charge is reserved for the worst of the worst – the most heinous arsonists who exhibit specific intent to inflict damage and destruction in our communities or who are a continuing threat to society. We need to ensure this groundbreaking public safety measure is signed into law and we’ll be fighting alongside first responders and District Attorneys from across the Golden State to get this job done,” Senator Mike McGuire said.